Al Manara Holding Group

It is a privately owned company established with a capital Its value is 20 million Libyan dinars.


Our Partners:

The Global leader in Erosion / Corrosion Repair & Maintenance Technologies

It is a holding finance company that aims to conduct economic, investment and commercial activities through the companies it owns and invest its funds at home and abroad by various means and possibilities
that result in achieving returns and revenues and diversifying the sources of income that guarantee By achieving investment targets in a manner that contributes to supporting the goals for which they were established.
• Managing its subsidiaries or participating in managing other companies in which it shares And provide the necessary support for it.
• Establishing a company alone or jointly with others.
• Investing its funds in stocks, bonds and securities.
• Providing loans, guarantees and financing to its subsidiaries .
Al Manara Holding Company owns a group of its subsidiaries:
  1. Alsaqr For Oil Services
  2. Al-Manara Company for Medical, Hotel and Office Supplies
  3. A solid foundation for medicines and medical equipment
  4. Jabal Al-Khair Medical Equipment Company
  5. The permanent path for information technology company
  6. Eastern Inscriptions General Contracting Company