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The company relies in its course of work on scientific and practical plans and by managing qualified Libyan personnel, and we are proud to provide our distinguished services inside and outside Libya.


General Manager - Mr. Mohamed Ramadan

Vice of General Manager - Mr. Ahmed Al-Yadri

Operations Manager -Mr. Nasser Najm

Maintenance Manager Dr. Dawod Al-Abbar

Technical advisor, Dr. Al-Mabrok Al-Dokale


Alsaqr For Oil Services

Alsaqr For Oil Services It is one of the excellent companies in supporting the oil, gas and energy industry in Libya
We are committed to providing the following: finding the best solutions and giving the highest value to our customers, developing and preserving the environment, health and safety at the highest international standards, growth in a steady rate in the labor market and achieving an excellent degree as a service company in the industry (oil, gas and energy)
training and development to develop to the highest Degree of skill. Create new job opportunities