Alsaqr For Oil ServicesA private company that provides the latest technology solutions and servicesIn many areas, including the oil and gas sectorOur company is one of the national companiesIn support of the oil and gas industry in Libya

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The Libyan Corrosion Association, under the exclusive sponsorship of Al-Saqr Petroleum Services Company, intends to hold a workshop on modern methods of corrosion protection

About us

Alsaqr For Oil Services

Al-Saqr Oil Services Company was established in accordance with the provisions of the Libyan Commercial Law and Law No. (24) of 2010 and its implementing regulations, the implementing decisions, and the articles of association attached under the Commercial Registry No. (13447-172).
Al-Saqr is a Libyan national company affiliated to the Al-Manara Holding Group, and it works in fields related to the oil and gas sector.
The company seeks to partner with major international companies specializing in various oil technologies, and the company owns an exclusive agency for the Global leader in Erosion / Corrosion Repair & Maintenance Technologies , a leading company in the field of corrosion treatment and repairs. Years ..
And they have the ability to find a series of pre-existing solutions to address potential problems in this field.
Al-Saqr for Oil Services owns all modern equipment and skilled specialists to carry out all the works that are assigned to it with high quality and according to the approved international specifications and standards.

Our services

Our company works through an elite group of engineers and consultants from inside and outside Libya who have varied long experience in the oil and gas sector up to thirty years and have the ability to find a series of prior solutions to address the problems that may occur in this field..

  • Drilling fluids Materials and Engineering.
  • N D T. inspection services .
  • Well testing services
  • Corrosion treatment using polymer coating technology
  • Providing consultancy services, training and supply of specialized labor .